The most common mistakes women in flirting

The most common mistakes women in flirting
 Flirt - a thin, knew how to play, which is used to establish contact between a man and a woman, demonstrating the interest and desire. If you use the methods of flirting awkwardly, out of place and too intrusive, you can easily become an object of ridicule.
 Often a woman acting too aggressively and emotionally, to put it simply, replays. No matter how great the desire to please a man, you need to keep your distance, do not show their clear interest, act with restraint and caution. Especially should act carefully when you are experiencing a strong sexual attraction to the man - a man should not guess about it on your views, unambiguous proposals demeanor. Otherwise, it will take you only as a girl for sexual pleasures. Or, even more offensive, you will begin to desperately regret and will meet with you only because of this. Women experiencing sexual hunger is easy prey for men, and it immediately generates attitude.

Particular care should behave when you are alone - are sitting at a table in the cafe, came to the party without accompaniment, etc. In such situations, it is better not to apply immediately to you all known methods, demonstrating its strong desire to communicate with a man, and it does not matter which of those present. It is necessary to keep a low profile, otherwise your looks and gestures can be interpreted incorrectly. If you sit in the company of friends or dine with a friend, then behave accordingly - focuses on his interlocutors, but throw a glance at the man liked. Here you can afford to relax a little, smile, touch his hand to her hair, etc.

If you have already started to talk, but not moved to a more intimate acquaintance, you can spoil everything excessive aggressiveness. You must intrigue and surprise, the man did not have to read you like an open book. Me every day - that show him the location, then reject, then Reach, be cool. Always chose his words carefully - be friendly, not pushy, make sincere compliments and let the man feel that he is you chose. To simulate this situation that could push it to the initiative, ask for help, use all information available to you feminine wiles.

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