The most absurd laws about sex

The most absurd laws about sex
 The topic of sex has always been a mixed reaction and opinions of the public, this is reflected in the laws of different countries. There are many very strange and absurd laws about sex, but what is most surprising, their occurrence is due to real events.

For example, in Indonesia made an official ban on masturbation in a public place. If the culprit is caught, then it waits for death by beheading.

In Colombia, at first intercourse between husband and wife, that is, on their wedding night, there must be the wife's mother, and that's just for a sexual relationship between the bride and groom had witnessed.

In Hong Kong, there are quite a cruel law that states that a woman whose husband has changed, can kill his own neblagovernogo, but without the use of any kind of weapons. The one with whom changed unhappy, you can kill love fashion.

In Budapest, capital of Hungary, a loving couple can have sex only with darkness. Any light source, whether it's a candle, a fireplace, a garland or a night lamp, is illegal and violators may be fine in the morning to get to the bank.

In Estonia prohibited during lovemaking to play chess. And the truth, intellectual abilities are falling heavily, as soon as it interferes with feelings.

In Hawaii, there is a law that punishes parents whose daughter has entered into a sexual relationship before reaching adulthood. In this case, the poor father and mother are expected to three years of hard labor. Explained the law so that parents have not been able to raise a daughter in moral and ethical principles.

In Lebanon, allowed to have sexual intercourse with a female animals. If the Lebanese decided to have fun with male animals, it expects the death penalty. And rightly so, there is nothing to indulge homosexuality.

Ireland has officially banned the sale of rubber products №2, ie condoms. This procedure is explained by the fact that procreation is the main task of sexual Irish. Therefore, having met on a trip to this wonderful country, do not forget to stock up on the proper amount of useful rubber devices.

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