Selfless love - always work and care

Selfless love - always work and care
 Everyone puts the concept of "love" your life experience, and the question "What is love? "All respond differently. For someone to love - this is the meaning of all life, and for someone just a habit acquired over time. But the real love - it is work and care.

Many people find themselves helpless before love, seeing in it the meaning of its existence. But not all know how to deal with love when she finds them. Love - a priceless wealth, which must be able to dispose of, or it can leave it just as it is.

"Love seeketh not her own" - says in the Bible, but whether we are ready to give rather than to receive? After all, not everyone can donate something for the sake of another person. If we are not willing to give, it can hardly hope for a different attitude. Love - a mutual feeling, based on the willingness of both to give. A recoil - a generosity that enriches man's inner world, growing in him the noble qualities of character. People who seek only to receive, carefully preserving their wealth, can not be happy staying spiritually poor.

Talking about giving your loved one, do not just think about the material side of the issue. We may share your feelings with your loved ones: joys, sorrows, knowledge, observations. In other words, all our lives can become a generous gift, and if love is mutual, then two people can enrich each other. It is in the mutual love returns and grows stronger. Love - it's always work and care. If a person loves, her genuine concern is a natural manifestation.

However, many lovers go to extremes. Showing excessive care, they begin to suppress the identity of another person, considering it their own. Help to avoid such extremes can respect. Respecting human, we take it for what it is, trying not to trample his personality, but rather to nurture it. Respecting the rights, we will not use it for personal purposes, even the most noble.

So, true love is based on the ability to give, care and respect. A wise man will be guided by an understanding of this. Mastering the art of love - a great job, you will be able to overpower the one who is able to show their feelings, who strive to see the needs of others, and take care not encroaching on human dignity.

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