Lawless Heart?

Lawless Heart?
 Every person at least once had to part with the people to whom he was accustomed, he loves and who planned to live life. This is definitely a test, and it is necessary to live, recover and draw conclusions. Some do it with relative ease, quickly and successfully begin life with a clean slate, and other years can not let go of the situation, experience, suffer and keep everything in himself. In this case we say that the heart can not command. But is it?

The people you meet on your path of life, sometimes are your mirror, a reflection of desires, emotions and feelings, so sometimes so hard to part with them. The person you loved, waited for whom might want to get married and leaves. Leaves not a few days or for a year, but forever disappear from your life. It's tough and cope with this loss, it is sometimes very difficult.

Many psychologists advise in this case relate to people, how to bystanders. They are strangers and come into your life to make you stronger. They harden you learn something new, learn to forgive, to be compassionate, learn, after all, love. And is not that enough? But it does not mean that he should stay with you forever.

But, unfortunately, it happens that the person you once loved, let impossible. You kind of mind all understand, realize that it is, you are not worth it, it's not your man, that much he did wrong, and in his mind he still always with you, and you can not let go, no matter how much you do not wanted and did not seek to go all out. You seemed to start a new life, meet with other people, and is in the heart of another person. One that no longer exist next to you. Horrible and painful feeling. Yes, the heart is really impossible to order because there are feelings and emotions that are beyond our mind. That's when they say that the heart can not command.

In fact, in this situation, there is nothing to worry about. After all, it's great that you are able to love and keep their feelings. What is important is to live it all with dignity. Do not drown his sorrows in alcohol, for example, or try to forget with others, quite unnecessary and useless for you people. No need to spoil the life of this man, whom you love, and to develop a feeling of hatred is destructive. From this is only more painful and worse. Just try to take the situation as it is, treat that person with great gratitude for being loved and love. Learn to live with it. And you'll see how your heart is itself released. And time will put everything in its place.

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