I like you, I - you, great little secret relationship

I like you, I - you, great little secret relationship
 "Do not expect too much from a partner," - this advice, perhaps you can give all couples who marry. Even the smallest expectations may not be realized, and when the partners have too many hopes on each other, then the conflict can not be avoided. Is much more efficient to decide what you personally willing to give to your spouse. However, there may be a ground for discontent: I am to you all, and you tell me that?

How to behave in marriage to the family reigned harmony, respect, acceptance and understanding? The principle of "you me, I give you" does not always work the way we expect. It works well only if all they do, all they give each other love is accompanied by his wife. Then an interesting thing happens: all returned back, plus the fact that the other person is added by itself (kind words, positive emotions, good mood, and so on.) There is a mutual exchange of a beneficial effect on the atmosphere in the family. Relationships developed and strengthened through regular replenishment "piggy bank" of good feelings.

There is another feature. To this scheme worked smoothly, each partner should understand that they are largely different but equal. Sometimes it can be difficult to recognize, but if one of the spouses will consider himself superior to the other, to build a constructive dialogue will be difficult. If the wife will feel the "superiority" of her husband, she will be difficult to sincerely share with him all she can give. If, on the contrary, the wife will always impose their point of view, "direct", then the man will be less reason to give her. Perhaps he will start looking for another woman who with joy and gratitude be able to take what a man can share. Therefore, a reasonable balance is very important for family harmony.

Strong, determined, active man gives a woman the protection and reliability. Sensible, soft, quiet woman gives a man a support, care, affection, comfort of home. This is the balance of power, if it is broken, conflicts, dissatisfaction, quarrels. And if the wife is not willing to comply with the following conditions: that is, voluntarily and gladly give her the necessary second half, then such a union is unlikely to last long.

It is important to be able to gratefully accept what you are given. Do not take anything that does for you people as something for granted, notice pleasant words affirmative action partner.

Everything can be solved, all agree - it is needed only goodwill. Listen spouse calm and to accurately express their request. Then the principle of mutual exchange will be the "cement" of your relationship, will keep the love and respect for many years.

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