5 taboo on the first date

 Subdue a man on the first date ... easily. This will help you airy dress, favorite perfume and, of course, radiant ulybka.No here to spoil the impression of yourself even easier. Not to be trapped during a romantic debut, should know what mistakes can lead to failure.
 Ban №1. Do not confide

The most common phrase is unfamiliar people start a conversation goes something like this: "Tell me something about yourself." First date - is no exception. But do not get too carried away, laying the gentleman all his biography. Failure of topics to chat with nice men are ex-boyfriend, health problems, work troubles. Psychologists offer altogether avoid long monologues: men love to talk about themselves, no less.

Ban №2. Do not complain to privacy

No need to tell the newly made fans that all the friends long and well married, and you're ... you're still in free flight. Most likely, these words will be interpreted as a subtle hint to your far-reaching plans. A rare man dare invite a second date with a girl so serious intentions. After all, guys - being freedom.

Ban №3. Do not show financial interest

Of course, no need to pull out of the hands of men account for dinner in the restaurant. But if the partner offers split the bill, you should calmly pay the half (and draw appropriate conclusions). But round the eyes and call it a "miser" should not be. Maybe the poor man simply is not enough money to pay for your order. In any case, do not ignore the numbers on the menu - order on the amount that you have in your wallet.

Ban №4. Do not make comments

Embarrassment and some constraint on the first date is inherent in both women and men. Not to aggravate the situation, ridiculing the shortcomings and failures of the interlocutor. Thus attempting to disguise their own discomfort, you deliver to the partner a lot of unpleasant minutes. Therefore it is better to abstain from even the most good jokes, not to mention the critical remarks about the appearance, behavior and speech of men.

Ban №5. Do not go on about

Sex on the first date is good. But if you are not sure, do not really want to, but almost fell in love or still drank too much, it is better to move intimate acquaintance at another time. Firstly, a man can decide what you - too easy prey. Second, the bad feeling from this adventure can stay for a long time. Especially if the first meeting will be the last, and the newly-born Casanova hidden in an unknown direction.

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