15 new discoveries about sex

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 Sex takes in human life an important role. So important that even scientists are turning their attention to this issue and make more and more new discoveries. Sometimes they are baffled and sometimes long known to us confirm things. What discoveries have been made recently?

1. At first glance,

Researchers concluded that the decision about whether like our new friend on the role of sexual partner, one understands in the first three seconds, not knowing anything about him - or habits, or political opinion, or level of education.

2. Threesome is beneficial

Very questionable assertion, since such activity is not acceptable for all pairs. For someone such update relations can be devastating.

3. Sex in the dream there

Now for some there was a legitimate excuse for his betrayal - "Honey, I did it in a dream, I was not with it, that's all it is! "Well, in that case you just need to make sure that your partner always slept next to you!

4. Men also simulate orgasm

Yes, the news is not news, too. This phenomenon is known. Probably, these simulators have learned this behavior from women.

5. Women are attracted to men's sexy voice

What a discovery! As if history does not know of examples where women became devout parishioners and did not miss a single service only because the priest is low and a beautiful voice. A crowd of fans of different singers - from Lemesheva to Bruce Springsteen!

6. Women also love porn

It is evident that the study was conducted by male scientists, otherwise they would not have declared it openly! Women have long know this about myself. Just do not like to admit.

7. Sex can help get rid of tension and stress

This news may be helpful to athletes who generally do not recommend sex before an important speech. And for the lazy husbands and wives was less than one excuse.

8. Size still matters

As researchers found, women are still important size of the male penis, so that they may say, obviously comforting those who did not get an impressive tool. However, the more important they consider not the length and circumference.

9. Genes affect passion

Parents should pay attention to his chosen - perhaps you will learn more about his behavior.

10. Creators are more successful in sex

Apparently, the pundits finally read the tabloids, which gives details about the numerous amorous conquests and communication famous artists and musicians.

11. Sex is compatible with your phone

According to research scientists, an increasing number of men and women do not see anything special in order to answer the phone during sex. Well, if the subscriber will still not my mother.

12. SMS can be a means of seduction

In general, know this already, even high school student, but it's nice that this game is now seen words and science.

13. Opposites do not attract

Scientists interviewed more than three hundred couples and came to the conclusion that the basis of many relationships are the similarities rather than the differences. It is possible that this is so. You can not, however, rule out the point that people in the family gradually adapt to one another, become more similar.

14. The Search Continues

In addition to point G, which is sometimes unsuccessfully looking for a set of pairs, you can now go and search for another sex-point - Ps. In any case, the search for singular points themselves can be enjoyable.

15. Sex on first date usually does not continue

Well, what to say. Indeed, it is often the case. It seems that scientists have finally come out of the laboratories and plunged into real life.

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