Why is he silent?

Why is he silent?
 No wonder they say that men and women - beings from different planets. After the fair sex is rarely keep emotions in themselves. Get rid of stress by frank conversation with a close friend - a natural female response. But men can be so hard to talk! Sometimes it is better not even try.  

He was unable to cope with the important task of working, listened from the best customer accusations of incompetence, badly scratched and parked car ... personal version of the script thriller titled "I - loser" may be others. Own mistakes and blunders men perceive much more painful than women. Especially if witnesses shame became strangers, for example, colleagues or neighbors. It is not necessary to ask a loved one and try to extract from him the details of what happened. Your task: to restore his faith in himself. Give a partner a little time to calm down: it is not necessary to raise the sensitive topic, until he begins to talk. And during the conversation do not hesitate to words of support and encouragement.

To be or not to be?

Silent and brooding - a sure sign that in the mind of man is maturing some important decision. At this point is meaningless to inquire about the reason for his favorite reticence. The best solution - to leave a partner in peace and do their business. Rest assured, once the plan of conquering the world take shape in his brutal head, the desire to share with you becomes simply irresistible. So be prepared to rapidly express consent, approval and admiration. Even if you are a brilliant idea is to rearrange the sofa close to the TV.

And bored and sad

Men are also subject to mood swings, as well as women. However, many of the stronger sex feel sadness and grief unworthy macho, so hide their emotions behind a mask of equanimity and coldness. Monosyllabic answers, the mask of sorrow on his face, lethargy and sleepiness - these symptoms may mask depression! Pamper your partner's attention and affection: a relaxing massage, a delicious dinner, a magnificent sex. Option for most understand - send a loved one to a meeting with the best friend and waiting for him at home in a silk dressing gown.

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