Where did the real men?

Where did the real men?
 Just a couple of centuries ago, the main task of the young girl was a successful marriage. And the party was considered worthy of a wealthy man from a good family. But gone are the days when a woman was only homemaker and mother of a family. Modern ladies criteria for the selection much more. But more often we hear complaints that this man the day the fire will not find.

In recent years, more and more often to watch the grim picture: handsome, successful and lonely girl, next to which there is not that handsome prince, and even a strong and confident man, a strong shoulder to lean which may fragile woman. And the more successful frail lady, the less likely that it will end the search for success. What's the matter?

The fact that these men have disappeared as a species - definitely misleading. Along with the narrow-minded selfish and Alfonso can be found, and intelligent, strong and caring man, it is suitable for women idea of ​​a true knight. But somehow, in one case, he shows his knightly qualities and becomes a trusted companion with whom like a stone wall, and the other - is transformed into a permanent inhabitant of the sofa?

The point, as a rule, is that modern women do not know how to take care of. They are strong and successful, rarely allow themselves to show weakness. And, of course, always and everywhere trying to take the palm in the competition floor. Become the first female cosmonaut, first female matador, head men's department ... And then, unfortunately, the competition of the professional field and transferred to the personal. And life with a woman becomes a perpetual reproach a man when a favorite all over the acts on the principle of "If you want, so it was well done - do it yourself."

Originally masculine qualities - strength, willpower, endurance - in the modern world are not mandatory for survival. But in order to develop the quality of any nature should be sought. And if a woman openly demonstrates its autonomy and independence - she can earn money, educate their children, buy a car, go for groceries and hang a picture - a man is not an area in which he could show his masculinity and strength. It was then and there the notorious TV and a sofa on which a man is firmly taking root.

Therefore, one of the few ways to find a real man - to be a woman. Fragile, delicate and weak. And please remember how to check the oil level in the gearbox, and which side to approach the hammer. Maybe your man to hang a picture later. But he will know that you are in need of his strength, his knowledge and his care - and then it will be for you precisely those whom you have always dreamed of - a real knight, ready to fulfill the wishes of his beautiful lady.

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