The main causes of female infidelity

The main causes of female infidelity
 It is well known that the natural polygamous often drives men to commit adultery. This occurs at the level of a natural instinct. Women's infidelity is considered to be more conscious act of having, as a rule, a serious psychological implications. No wonder they say that a woman betrays chosen not only the body, it changes his mind. Deceived husband or boyfriend is usually parted with a traitor, not thinking about what causes forced her to make such a desperate step.

Into the arms of another exemplary wife can out of a desire for revenge. Spite the deceiver, jealous tyrant or pathological often leads representatives of the fair sex in someone else's bed. In this case, change for a long time can not be extended and, as a rule, is a one-time in nature.
Another thing that broke new feeling, born on the side of passion - that's really a situation that should be cause for serious concern in men. Because love is able to give the soil a long and serious relationship.

With long-term lack of attention on the part of its second half the women also indulges in all serious. There may be born so-called adultery "nothing better to do." For example, when my husband is constantly not to his wife with a strong work commitments. Chronic lack of money, stress at work, caring for children moody, petty domestic troubles lead to emotional alienation spouses. A thin female nature demands admiration, compliments, romantic relationship. The lady did not feel welcomed, not seeing the passion in the eyes of a partner, be sure to find admirer on the side.

Treason is imminent and the laws and if sexual needs of his wife too much for her husband, for example, when the expiring male sexual function (if it is much older than his wife or poor health). In search of good sex a woman can behave similar to the female attracts the male. But we know that someone is looking for - he finds. The result is a notorious love triangle, she gets mad lover and perfect sex on the side, and her husband - hefty horns.

And finally, some izmenschitsa plotting these games threesome because of uncertainty in their own attractiveness, wanting to prove themselves in the eyes of the opposite sex. Trying to prove their worth itself, it is not only able to tear himself eternal diets, gym wear, but start a new relationship.

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