Sleeping with the enemy ...

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 Very many couples involuntarily comes periodically turn into enemies in the heat of a violent quarrel. But what if one of the partners is constantly provoking a quarrel, and after a while prefers "tolerated" in bed? After all, not everyone can forget the hurtful words and with great pleasure to indulge in caresses.

Basically, this behavior is typical of the stronger sex. They somehow believe that all nagovorennye hurtful words the woman should immediately forget, once a sobering her husband in bed. And hugs, kisses and must indicate that the conflict is settled.

World - it is certainly good. But men can not understand that most women can not quickly forget all grudges and completely switch to sex. How can you honestly kissing someone who a few minutes ago cried the whole apartment is very hurtful things?

There are, however, couples in which such "Italian" disassembly occur constantly, and sex after an argument equally pleased with both partners. In this "gay" couples well together and post the sex they have is quite full. But more often the situation is different.

It happens that men and women are completely different temperaments: it - hot and demanding adult entertainment regularly, it is - quiet and the one who grabs the eye of regular sex once a week. Such a man can realize that the great quarrel "warm up" his partner, and will provoke them constantly.

Yet experts claim that the quarrel - a bad way to inflame sentiments. Indeed, any aggression provokes a man on the negative. As a result of this negativity can even destroy family relationships completely.

Another thing, if reconciliation in bed after a row is very rare. Then this method will be enjoyable and rewarding. After all, it will allow the partners to approach and understand that no quarrels are not afraid of their relationship.

To wean her husband from such behavior, experts advise women not to succumb to the scheme devised by man. Otherwise, over time, can cause unpleasant feeling of hatred as his own husband, and sex in general.

And if you deal with the situation is simply no desires, at least, explain yourself behavior of her husband. After all, he quarrels with you solely because of the sex of the future, not because of your shortcomings.

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