Jealousy: enemy or ally?

Jealousy: enemy or ally?
 According to psychologists, jealousy - it is self-doubt. And if you look at it the feeling of a subject? Perhaps it is not always a sign of insecurity, and sometimes pushes us to act.

When you're celebrating an event, notice how your husband with interest glances other women, you are proud to say that it really is the best. But it is necessary to commence a nice conversation with one of the ladies, you immediately in the soul begins to boil jealousy. Are you trying to be heard in a harmless conversation some hidden subtext. On the way home you offended silent and home hysterics in full.

It does not matter what he says to justify supposedly saw her for the first time, and did not know who she is, just tact did not allow him to turn away when she said something. You yourself have already clocked up the scandal. You scream, they saw how he looked at her, he had long suspected him of infidelity. What guessed their secret meetings that he does not care for a family. And anyway, he broke your life. Such zeal to anything good will not. It is the enemy of your relationship. Gradually, it will destroy your family life.

Try to work on yourself, keep yourself in the hands. Should not be endlessly for her husband, did not look into his phone and mailbox. This will not only humiliate him but himself.

But there are times when you notice changes in her husband's behavior. He began coming home later, there were frequent business trips. Do you think he has become less affectionate with you, constantly refers to the very busy and tired. You are very jealous of him, but do not tell him about it. Try to cope with their feelings. Think about why the relationship has changed. You will see the errors that can still be corrected.

First of all, create the perfect home comfort, he wanted to come home and relax. Change the interior, or some part of it. Let's say, change the curtains in the bedroom lighting.

Change your style of behavior. Do not bother with questions. Pretend that everything is fine. Only more carefully listen to it, be interested in the affairs at work (if he is ready to tell). Indulge in something tasty.

Try to surprise him with their external changes. Maybe sit on a diet or work out, change the style of clothing and prichesku.V this case, your zeal ally. It will help you to return to her husband. Just need to make an effort.

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