If the former - the type of annoying ...

If the former - the type of annoying ...
 Sometimes it happens that a man and woman realize that their relationship is outdated. When they establish not, young people decide to separate. And sometimes the initiator may be one person, but the second did not resign ourselves to this and continues to make a complaint.

After the break-up former can seriously complicate the life of his beloved. This often he is confident that "in love, as in war, all means are good." It can make phone calls, send SMS threatening, write letters, watch for the house. In fact, a lot of ways to make life difficult, but the poor girl does not know what to do.

To begin to meet and talk with a young man, clearly state its position. In some cases, a normal conversation can help the former to understand that you now have a new life, where it has no place.

If talking does not help, ask to speak with him his friends and girlfriends who the young man explained that he was not interested in you more. By the way, parents will also help in this matter, because usually their opinion is increasingly seen and counted.

If you already have a new young man or husband, then solve your problem he can. Men often have a better understanding of each other. In this case, does not the fact that it will come to blows. Normal conversation between two young people will realize the former situation.

Another option to get rid of the encroachments of the former would be the establishment of his personal life. What you do with it could not be together does not mean that your friend or classmate do not find it love. Try to arrange a meeting between the former friends and let them find common interests, and who knows, maybe they will not want to leave.

Finally, if none of the above methods are not able to help you tame his former young man, try to inform the police. In this case, the district will be required to hold explanatory conversation, explaining what the man could face a similar behavior in the future. If this does not help, contact the police to re-statement, then with respect to your ex will be applied more serious measures.

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