How to make the first move

How to make the first move
 You can not dismiss the brunet from another department or constantly catch yourself thinking that you awfully like a constant companion of the trolley? Perhaps the object sighs and he glances at you, but does not dare to approach. Take the initiative and make the first move. Perhaps it will be the beginning of a romantic relationship.

It is important that, going to the "offensive", you were able to make the right impression. Therefore, prepare thoroughly before you make the first move. Visit hairdresser choose outfit, in which you can look your best, make a beautiful manicure and makeup. Now when you look at yourself in the mirror and saw that no man is able to refuse you, you can move on to action.

Eyes without reason called the mirror of the soul. Spark between you and your chosen one can run only one glance. Try to choose the right moment and look into the eyes of a man. Then move the look on his cheek and briefly look at the lips, and then again caught the eyes of his mind. Almost certainly he will understand your interest and come to you.

If you got a pretty blunt and very humble young man will have to operate openly. Try to talk to him, finding an interesting topic of conversation. For example, if your co-worker, sit down casually at his table during lunch and ask him about any report or near corporate parties. Better yet, if you know about his hobby (for example, noticed a photo with a parachute in the workplace), and can talk about it. Ask questions that are supposed to detailed response - so you can adjust the man to talk. Do not hesitate when the opportunity to make a compliment. Remember that people like priori those who are interested in themselves.

In case you are not familiar with the man, think of a reason for dating. For example, as if by chance ask him for help: to explain the way, to carry out to the desired location. You can also make it appear as if you can not find your cell phone in a huge bag and ask the young man to call your number. Now, even if you do not have time to charm him on the spot, you can call or write sms and invite him in a cafe.

Take a moment and "accidentally" clash with the young man, spilling the contents of her purse at the same time. After he will help you gather content in gratitude can safely invite him for a cup of coffee, or at least give a card with the phone.

You can also play in the presence of the object of your dreams a little drama. Pretend that you are terribly upset about something that was about to cry, and, quite possibly, a man will come to you, to comfort and to ask what you have there. For such a case, create a sad story, but not so tragic, that the man thought that his sympathy is useless. For example, can you tell us about the runaway dog ​​or lost report.

If all your hints and attempts to speak were useless - or you got "Die Hard", which does not notice, or are already in love with a man. Try to openly express their feelings: just tell him that you like him and you would like to become better acquainted. So you know exactly whether the continuation in your relationship, or they will end before it started.

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