Happiness can be bought?

Happiness can be bought?
 Happiness. In this word is concentrated the force and energy, which allows a person to feel a kind of quiet joy, lightness, inspired and weightlessness. Happiness - it's spiritual good. However, to be happy does not necessarily wait for the head down to "fall down" a piece of something beautiful. Happiness can buy ...  

According to scientists, it is possible to become a happy person by ordinary purchases. Special study was conducted, which was attended by more than 1,200 men and women. It turned out that happiness for the money to buy quite real.

So, after spending a certain amount of money that is for human value, can not only bring happiness to themselves, but also his close or relative. In addition to these "rainbow" conclusions, the researchers were able, based on the results of a study to identify three main ways to become happier.

The first way in the "Number of happiness" is a waste of money for the memories. But how can you buy memory? To begin with, of course, they need to accumulate. And then you can go on a journey to visit unique exhibitions, go to the circus or theater. In other words, do what seems to be a man pastime. Meet new people, experiences and emotions remain long in the memory, as also make a person happy. And to keep them forever, you need to spend a little money on the photo, brochures and other printed materials.

The second way to buy happiness - it's a waste of money for a small but pleasant things. According to scientists, the purchase of such things as souvenirs, jewelry, clothing and other cheap stuff, can improve mood and feel happy.

Finally, the third way - is a charity, help friends and relatives, or social work. Such caring for others makes you feel a moment of true happiness, when people with gratitude and respect for the kind and sympathetic person.

All of the above methods are simple buy happiness, but at the same time require a lot of time. But, as correctly noted scientists, is sorry for time and money for the purchase of the present and of pure happiness?

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