Sex and routine: who wins?

Sex and routine: who wins?
 During the time of the marriage relationship subject to significant changes. As a rule, after a couple of years of life it is difficult to awaken their dormant for a long time, the old passion. Many believe that the routine and bustle necessarily absorb the sexual desire of the plan.

Psychologists say that a permanent partner in sex, familiar reaction habitual body, voice and touch that you are well aware, does not mean monotony and boredom in bed. They believe that sex loses its appeal is not due to the routine of a hypothetical nature, but because of existing health problems at work or in a relationship - it has a direct impact on your life in sexual terms, or rather on the desire and, consequently, and opportunities.

Usually people are not ready for the difficulties and the worst - are afraid to admit that there are certain problems that must be solved. For this reason, there are to be treason, quarrels, divorces. The illusion of reality is such that it seems easier to destroy all "old" than again to build a relationship with a spouse.

Almost all men and women think this way: "We are with her / him married for ten years! What can we still build? We are exhausted! Our relations are tense! I know him / her as yourself! We're just tired of each other. " The problem is that living next to a husband or wife for many years, your selfishness is awakened, and you believe the property of the spouse or technical staff. Scary face "routine" - the ability to drop into your heart husband / wife to the cost of kitchen things.

Sexologists recommend to learn to understand the wants and needs a partner no matter how old you are married. There is not a question only of sexual desire, but also the desires of all. Just try to really understand what the person who is next to you has the right to be what he / she wants to be and wanting what he / she wants to be desired. If his desires, from the point of view of common sense, really stupid and irrelevant, is not prohibited. Try to convince the diplomatic using courtesy and sympathy.

The error lies in the fact that the couple over time strongly concentrate on their own interests, needs, desires and beliefs, and the totality of all that kills the true respect for each other. And without respect for good sex will not. And it is not that someone wants to be called frigid, and to know that the answer will hear the word "impotent." The problem is that the two adults are unpleasant to each other.

The solution is to search for mutual understanding, a common language, common interests, it will put all the dialogue between husband and wife as equal people, and eventually impotence and frigidity instantly disappear and sex each time will become higher.

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