Women's jealousy and visual perception

Women's jealousy and visual perception
 They say that love makes us blind. When a woman loves, literally completely ceases to see the shortcomings of the elect. And changing the visual perception of the world. Everything is around the blue and green. Is not it a pretty picture.

But this beautiful picture there is a downside. If a woman likes, then certainly in the near her heart with love settles "rat jealousy." And this monster - female jealousy is also able to dazzle.
These are not empty speculation, but well-founded scientific findings. American scientists conducted a series of experiments with pairs of lovers, and as a result found out how female jealousy affect the visual perception of themselves as representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.
The experiment was as follows. Couples offered viewing the scenic landscapes, but on different monitors. Women need to mention the most attractive pictures which in turn gave way to the screen. The same were occupied and their men.
Visual perception worked perfectly. Women with admiration to carry out their task. Everything went perfectly smoothly as long as the woman in love did not begin to hear her lover extols the delights of charming strangers, the image of which arise periodically on their monitors.
Female jealousy attack immediately made his "dirty work." Eye test literally went to the scales. Visual perception instantly changed. And all of that is still pleased opinion, is absolutely not perceived adequately. Women seemed lost vision.
On the basis of experiments, scientists have learned about how much emotional state (in this case, female jealousy) is associated with mental and physical condition of the woman.
The conclusion is clear. Ladies keep yourself in hand and remember that our strong floor, alas, loves his eyes, and with this you just need to accept it. It is well known proverb says: "If you can not change the circumstances, just change their attitude to them! "And believe me, it would be better for everyone.

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