Men with whom you are not on the way

Men with whom you are not on the way
 Sometimes women spend a lot of effort in to make a boyfriend from a perfectly useless material. And then either severely regret the time spent, power and emotion, or suffer with this type, because it is a pity wasted resources. To the phrase "As I had not realized it was so ..." Do not poison your life, look to the candidate. There are signs that inevitably show: with this man you are on the way.

It's too easy, fast and a lot flatter

Well, okay ... you and know that you are not "Miss Universe" is not brilliant kulinarka not the best employee of your company. Of course, the man must speak to you as you welcome him to the road and not be greedy for compliments and be able to see your dignity. But if he lavishes compliments easily and for any reason, think, he clearly does not do it the first time.

He says he loves you, too fast

Men can not and do not like to talk about their feelings. Typically, the recognition of serious feelings from them have to seek for months, and even years. Think about it, if he confessed to you in love already on the second date, maybe it's not, he says, and his unsatisfied libido? And all he wants is to quickly drag you into bed, thinking that in this case all means are good.

He says that before you loved only school friend

This is an occasion to reflect, and he even women like? If this is true, then something is fishy. And if he is lying to you, for what purpose? It is necessary to find out the background of such lies before you spend your time on it.

He asked permission to kiss you

Do you think he does so because he is - a gentleman? Nothing of the sort! This gentleman will not put you in an awkward position sensitive issues: he correctly understands that it is possible, and that - for now - no.

He regularly disappears somewhere

Truly in love with a man wants to be with you as long as possible and more often. It is not surprising, because you valuable prize, which he had just won. And if your new friend has a habit of disappearing overnight stay, pleading word "business", it is cause for alarm. Such behavior often indicates the presence of a second girl. "Things" - no more than a false alibi for parallel novel.

He has no friends

You rejoice that his time will be devoted only to you? No trips to the football or the sauna, no fishing trips and get-togethers for the preference for your sparkling kitchen? It is better to think about it ... Men - being sociable and socially active. But many serial killers had no friends.

The sun is shining, all living happy spring, and he whines

Of course, the era of sensitive men, and many individuals males talk about heartbreak and collapsed hopes .. But you need it? Why do you instead reliable support in life debacles, shoulder, shuddered with sobs?

He is 30 years old and he lives with his mother

No, of course, there are exceptions .. For example, he wrote his doctoral or helping care for a seriously ill or waiting for the surrender of his new flat in the third quarter of this year ... All the rest - a reason to visit a shrink.

He could not say what the baroque and confused with the author Leo Tolstoy's "Road to Calvary"

It certainly ... Nobody demands of your new friend professorial erudition, but at least a rudimentary knowledge of world culture should be? Otherwise, what to talk to him? How to acquaint him with friends and parents. However, if you hope to pull it up to your level, try it. Entertainment are different.

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