In the same river

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 Relations between the sexes - the eternal question. On this subject, written tons of books, composed many poems and songs, and even more words to say, because people never get tired to meet, fall in love, break up, forget to hate. Amid all this polyphony often hear the same question: should we get back to the partner, with whom relations were once severed. Replies same sound contradictory; everyone says, drawing on their personal experiences and events in the life of friends, relatives, and friends.

In fact, everything is much easier than it seems, one has only to ignore the emotions and listen to reason. No matter how many ideological leaders tried to make man a social creature, he is selfish and about 90 percent of the time in the day, thinks of himself. It is the same in partnership between two people: One may argue about eternal love, but the relationship will last only until such time as partners will be willing to put up with each other's shortcomings.

If positive features outweigh the negative partner or partner, they are not essential, then, the couple have prospects for the future, if, on the contrary, the relationship is doomed. Mentally healthy people, striving for spiritual comfort, sooner or later, will eliminate a source of irritation. A depressing and oppressive mentality factor can be fun only masochist.

Based on the above, and fold the answer. It will depend upon the reason for a break has occurred. If the separation was due to any cause emotional, misunderstanding or lack of willingness of both partners to continue to build relationships, then continued still possible.

But if there was a gap due to the fact that habits become annoying partner, had to make an effort to preserve the peace of mind in his presence, to renew the relationship does not make sense. People almost do not change, and if they are willing to change, such changes will only be temporary.

Child to 7 years already formed as a person acquires the inner core, which for all subsequent life will only add a new experience. What can we say about the adults. Partner, who constantly have to adapt, to suppress their habits and desires to please others, be annoying (sometimes unknowingly), so the couple will have new problems, leading eventually to a final break. In fact, to radically change requires willpower, which the vast majority of people do not possess. Of course, there are happy exceptions, but they are, as they say, only prove the rule.

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