What men think about strong women

What men think about strong women
 The image of a strong woman surrounded by myths. Dame, who are accustomed to achieving everything yourself, someone thinks unhappy and deprived attention of the stronger sex, and who, on the contrary, admires them. And they think about the strong ladies man? Here are the most popular misconceptions.
 It will cope with any problem without help

This statement is only partially true. And a strong woman sometimes needs support, but does not dare to ask for it, or considers it wrong impede their other troubles.

She hates men because once they hurt her

It happens, but the strength of character weakly related to the number of offenders in life. On the contrary, sometimes breaks the chain of betrayals man, and not tempers his will. External coldness strong woman can be a manifestation of the closure, but not hostility.

She devotes a lot of time and work can not be entertained

Invite her to a party, and you'll see that the image Ludmila Prokofyevna from the movie "Office Romance" has long been irrelevant in my life! If it is never fun to your company, it does not mean strong woman alien desire to relax.

She loves to dominate in the relationship, particularly sexual

Everything is very individual. Understand whether the woman is ready to saddle in his personal life, is only one way - to become her close friend. But count on the fact that the power at work, in the family of a woman turn into a limp gray mouse, really not worth it.

It embittered because nobody took marriage, that toils of life all alone

The belief that all women will certainly want to tie the knot - just a myth. Today, many people prefer to live only for themselves and even refuse to have children.

It is believed that a strong woman scares off men, but it is also true that it is a constant concern, not least because it seems unassailable. In fact, the external inaccessibility is not to say that such ladies are not interested in men. They're just not ready to smile to the first comer, but one who is sincere sympathy, can count on a happy relationship.

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