Paradoxes of love and passion

Paradoxes of love and passion
 Man and woman met and liked each other, got into a passionate affair. They are sincere, deep feelings! It would seem that nothing prevents the long-term, strong relationship with the prospect of a family. But - here's the paradox! - They have gradually disagreements, misunderstandings, conflicts. One of the partners begin to suspect each of coldness, detachment, makes a very natural conclusion: feeling cold. Second, respectively, feels unjustly accused, offended, which leads to more tension and the strengthening of the conflict.
 In fact, the "paradox" of love and passion for a long time and has been well studied. And it is that all people behave differently because they have different habits, character, temperament. But it stubbornly believe the only correct their own behavior!

Suspicion and resentment always embrace a more "open", emotional, temperamental partner. He is obsessed with love, as in the intimate and spiritually. And without meeting as stormy commitment on the part of a loved one, do not feel satisfied. After all, he (quite naturally and understandably) expects exactly the same violent manifestations of feelings, considering them as signs of true love! And if they do not, consequently, there is no love! Begin suspicions, reproaches, conflicts.

A partner who is guilty only that endowed by nature with a calm, phlegmatic temperament, can not grasp why his somewhat suspect, accused, require proof of love. He did, and so (in his view) presents the evidence at every step! What do still want him? Naturally, his patience, sooner or later breaks, and for the next accusations of coldness and indifference should be a sharp rebuke to counter accusations of selfishness. And in most cases, this novel ends.

Such are the paradoxes of love and passion. How to make so that they did not lead to such a sad end?

Very rarely happens that converge on two identical habits, education and temperament. In most cases, one of them will be the lead, the second - a slave. And it is from the master depends mainly on whether to keep true love.

He should not be too much "push" on the slave, literally forcing him to the behavior that is considered correct. He must understand and remember that his partner as living people, their rights, habits, character traits. And that lack of expected displays of affection does not indicate that these feelings do not! Simply partner reacts differently.

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