Many - not enough, or sexy woman will not spoil

Many - not enough, or sexy woman will not spoil
 Sex in a woman's life is as important as it is for men. Satisfaction that a woman experiences during intimacy allows her chuvstvat themselves desirable and marketable. The more sex, the higher the self-esteem. However, here it is worth to emphasize that sexual relations should bring her joy, and not to be a kind of attribute mandatory execution of marital debt.

If you look at sex in the life of a woman from a physiological point of view, it is to say that they are very necessary. We will not go in terms of sexology and medicine, but we note that during sex, a woman with the sperm (if not solved the issue of protection using a condom) is required to maintain the elasticity of tissue protein, and intensive physical activity allow to burn extra calories. Thus, the expression, the more the better in this case is oddly like way.

Needless to point out that the topic of this issue in many major countries have been made, the polls, which confirmed that the modern woman is poised to sexual relations, and in large quantities. Is this due to the fact that the last sexual revolution has left its mark yet and opened up unprecedented opportunities ladies sex? Well, the reason for this of course can be an infinite number of times. However, the current situation is such that women are increasingly prefer to take the initiative and make the first step towards intimacy, sometimes provoking her.

So how much sex you need a woman to be happy, healthy and satisfied? That's as much as she wants. Would be great if possible her partner will coincide with her wishes, then they both have the right to consider themselves lucky. Sex in general can not hurt, if it occurs by mutual desire between two people. Therefore, in this case, a large number of sexual relations in the life of a woman says that her relationship with a man serious, long-lasting and durable. Spoil, so difficult, and both men and women, because it is both a pleasure and does not harm anyone. Now, if it would have been the other way round, then one would expect the opposite effect and lament the fact that a small number of sexual relations just did spoil a woman. But that's another story ...

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