How to remain a favorite

How to remain a favorite
 Introducing the first awkward manifestations of sympathy. First date, timid attempts to get to know each other. Moving walks at attractive secluded place, which then turn into intimate memories for both. Flowers, compliments, first kiss. The second kiss. Embrace. Timid caress. Endless praises in your honor. Sea compliments. The first declaration of love ... As time goes by, the relationship evolve, becoming more or less complete. And then what? First minor differences. Then the first serious quarrel, second, third ...

For some reason, most relationships, sooner or later comes to a logical conclusion in the form of separation? Since when the gap has become so urgent and expected phenomenon that began regarded as the most-evident ending relationship between a man and a woman? Can this be avoided? As, in spite of everything, continue to be a favorite?

 The first and most important rule for any woman who wants to not cease to be desired - to love yourself. Love yourself for your appeal, for intelligence, for inner peace, for the individual, for the fact that you are unique, after all. This is very confident woman never cease to be a tasty morsel for the opposite sex. Many men try to get this gorgeous gift. Because of this, on the one hand, a woman gets from all this moral satisfaction, and on the other - interest her man is always maintained in a tone of ongoing competition.

 The first rule is logically flows into the second - a woman who loves herself, must constantly take care of their body and appearance. Make it a rule as often as possible to peer at herself in the mirror, carefully, without neglecting any detail, but without undue partisan criticism. Disadvantages have all, without exception, but they are nothing in the background of your benefits. If you would sincerely like your hairstyle, makeup, how exquisite you sit clothes, how to effectively highlight your dignity - you will not dare to fall out of love no man!

 The third rule - not to cease to be adored by your man, make him think that you're the kind of woman that he needs. Everything is simple. Take (or pretend to be manifest) a genuine interest in what he is interested in, or interested in, whether it's reading, sports, fishing or sofa watching TV in the evening, it does not matter. Many people believe that only women love compliments, but it is not so! Therefore, do not stop to admire all that relates to your Blessed and as little as possible focuses on the negative aspects of his personality.

 And finally, the fourth rule to be followed not so much for men as for the sake of themselves - to develop, never for a moment cease to cultivate! Increase your level of intelligence, expand horizons, read, watch movies cognitive, travel, if possible. It would be nice to do some creative work, look for yourself and learn to express themselves, surely your rich inner world is worth it. Continue to show him the riddle that your man will never get tired of trying to solve.

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