How to leave

How to leave
 It so happens that even the most ardent feelings give way to indifference or irritation. Love is replaced by habit disappears passion for it - a common topic of conversation. Parting - a heavy step, which destroys the habitual way of life, takes mental strength, because it is often breakup of the former lovers making enemies. How to avoid such a scenario and leave right?

Do not look guilty. Do not make his break representation, the former man pouring mud. It does not matter which one of you was the initiator of parting. When the fate of relations has been solved, and the other way you can not see, it makes no sense to figure out who to blame anymore. Even if the other party provokes you to scandals and loud argument, try to stay with dignity, ignoring all attacks. Communicate only when necessary, do not try to create the appearance of friendship, if there is no sincerity. In the end, these relationships have become the past, a past stage.

The situation becomes more complicated when the man, on the contrary, is not going to leave you, using as arguments threats and blackmail. If you do not connect children and marital property, the best solution is to just leave the tyrant alone, change the address and phone number. If he is too insistent, waiting for you at work and looking through a friend, the promise to contact the police. Most likely the former ardor extinguished. However, do not always have the opportunity to leave the "battlefield". In this case remains to act cunning. Read tips for those who are trying to save the relationship, and do the opposite. It is possible that your partner will not sustain such a life together and go first.

Aim for independence. Very often, a woman after breaking haunted by the feeling of loneliness and insecurity. If the divorce is happening on your initiative, then be careful with your future financial well-being. If necessary, change jobs or find additional income. If you left, the first attempt to gain emotional independence. Renew old ties, call friends, which has long been seen, have fun with friends. Just do not sit at home, again and again, remembering the bad attitude and feeling sorry for yourself. Because now you are not only attractive and successful, but also free.

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