First love never forgotten?

First love never forgotten?
 First love. For some, this sweet memories of youth, first kiss. For others - the first sharp pain and resentment.

Everything goes in this mortal world. And the first love has long ceased to embarrass and harass you. Life rolls on and on, erasing memories.

Is over and the second, third and love. And the relationship with her husband long ago turned into a highly related. Sometimes you feel that childhood and youth - it's just a color dream, which has no relation to reality.

Who was the boy in whom you fell in love with 15 years at first sight, hearing it in a big noisy crowd as the only near and dear to you? My God, you were whispering to each other: "I love you."

Where is he now? What was his fate? Perhaps you have heard something about it. Oh, it does not matter. After all, it was a dream.

But one day, when her husband was at work, and you tormoshat children, the phone rings, and you, to my surprise, the same endless, immediately recognize the voice that is not heard God knows how many years, and my heart is ready to jump out of my chest. At the head of the fog, in the eyes of rabbits.

He's in your town and want to meet, to ask for forgiveness. After all, he'll seem offended then. And you do not remember the insults. You are horrified look on his wreathed figure, its modest wardrobe - all wrong!

And that meeting, embarrassment, flowers. The first awkward phrases. Albums with photos. You frantically telling each other their entire lives, time is short (he was on a plane). And suddenly, in all this turmoil you feel like that girl 15 years old, light and naive. Terribly happy. You do not see his age, the first gray hair and callous hands. You see in front of all of the same boy, very natural and in love with you.

And like a lot of crap stupid. But! You're adults and responsible people.
So it was not a dream. It was all real. Just a very, very long time.

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