Sexual roles of men

Sexual roles of men
 Sex - an important part of the relationship between the sexes. In the bed, just as in real life, we adhere to each particular line behavior. Your man - is no exception. So what are the sexual roles of men and your lover including?

Men in relation to sex can be classified into several types.

1. sexual predators. Such a man is not simply loves sex - he loves it. Sex for it is the meaning of life, the purpose of the relationship with any woman within its reach. He's incredibly confident in his appeal to the opposite sex and a priori believes all women are easily accessible. Sexual predator - the ideal machine for sex, but he is pathologically incapable of serious and lasting relationship with any woman. Such men are polygamous by nature, they are ignorant of the meaning of the concepts of "love" loyalty "and" treason. "

2. Delicate romantic. Depending on the course of action in bed divided into two types: a sincere and romantic pseudo-romantic. A romantic at heart sincere Monogamous, ascended a woman on a pedestal love to stay. He gives flowers looking into the mouth of his beloved, and considers himself a vassal in the service of a beautiful lady of the heart. Is often overly jealous, what can annoy his beloved. Sexually quite pedantic and conservative. Sex with him sophisticated partner seem boring and monotonous. For quite inexperienced girl he - the perfect partner, sensitive and gentle. Others he torment issues.

Pseudo-romantic - far more ambiguous type. Sometimes false romantic considers himself to be a force strong attachment to the first sexual partner. Deprived of innocence, he decides to remain faithful to a single lifetime. Then he is either bored or he tore the first relationship begins to build all subsequent attitude to the girls exclusively on sex, usually fleeting, temporarily taking the form of "sexual predator". Nevertheless, he loves beautiful sex and does not apply to consumer-woman, caring about the pleasure partner.

3. The golden mean. Man, distinguishing sex for one night by a sincere love. He knows the price itself, and next to him a woman who knows what the lady deserves a decent relationship, constant attention and genuine concern. Sexually, it is good, not selfish and never leave behind a sense of dissatisfaction.

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