Do I have to confess to treason?

Do I have to confess to treason?
 One of the most dangerous pitfalls in the family swimming - adultery. It is perceived as a betrayal of both spouses, even those who changed, and therefore either carefully concealed or used as revenge.

Betrayal occur in affluent families, where the couple seemed to be happy and love each other. Change takes it as an accident - "slipped, fell ...", who does not happen? But conscience and guilt haunt ... I want to repent and be forgiven by shifting part of the burden on the shoulders of a loved one. But whether you want to admit to infidelity?

Best to keep this desire in check. Think about what will your candor - hardly a loved one will be touched by it. Have questions: what you paid me such a blow, and what do I do now? It is very difficult to convince a life partner that you love him still, but the "accident" better to forget, because it will not happen again. Even if you beg forgiveness, now the presumption of innocence in your family will be canceled: any suspicious circumstances be construed not in your favor. You'll have plenty of time to prove that you were late to work or got stuck in traffic and not entertained on the side. Whether or not to destroy the confidence of the family for the dubious pleasure to confess to treason and complain about the remorse?

Perhaps the betrayal was not random - you just decided to take revenge for something your sweetheart. If the next step you have planned a divorce, it is a coup. If you just want to teach and punish, it is best not to tell you anything about what happened. Instead of remorse in the satellite life speak anger and wounded pride. The blame for the quarrel will be assigned to you, even if the reason for revenge was the same sin halves. Rare family survive a series of such attacks. Think well: Are you ready for parting? If not, the way the memory of the place will be a comfort to you a secret, and the culprit of discord in the relationship will be the one who "started it."

And if you have entered the betrayal in the habit, but to destroy the family, you do not want to, even if masked by carefully. Your funny adventure will be a real blow to a man who loves you and trusts you.

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