15 ways to dumbfound Woman

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 Women who know their men are able to anticipate their actions. Over time, the girl is getting harder and harder to impress. But always there are ways by which you can dumbfound her. In this case, it is unlikely to remain indifferent and will try to behave more carefully. Indeed, surprising girl, you can start a new stage of relations. However, it should be done carefully, otherwise you can just hurt her.

1. The most common way - to achieve long relationship with a girl, to lead various courtship. After a long time she did not give up, but then agreed, just smile, chmoknu her on the cheek and then walk away. It will not leave indifferent any girl.

2. Arriving at the theater or the cinema to the uninteresting for you movie just lounging in a chair and start to slowly fall asleep. During sleep, you can issue a variety of sounds, sighs. You can lightly nap. Toward the end of the concert abruptly wake up screaming and look around and ask, "Where am I? ".

3. Invite her to a romantic dinner with candles, compliments, music and bathroom. After the romantic part is over and you find yourself in bed, gently kiss her in the nose, goodnight and start to fall asleep.

4. Before a party where you go with your lover, friends persuaded the girls that they, welcoming, hung around his neck, and asked, "Honey, do me this cool sex! ". In response, saying, "I'm busy today, come tomorrow? ".

5. Carefully examining room for accidentally left things before going to any event, if by chance ask her: "Have you taken birth control? ". Her answer: "What? "Say," Just a little or a different case because ... ".

6. Invite her to take a bath, make sure the foam. Water should be very icy. Undress her lover and slowly lower into the water.

7. It says that today is left alone, parents left for. She's waiting for you, and then you call the door, it opens, and next to you there is a friend, and you say, "Well, he also wants to! ".

8. During the first sexual intercourse with a girl a little stop and say, "Welcome to the inside, mate! ".

9. After a wonderful sex say that this bed is your great-grandmother died.

10. Call her, chatting about anything. She thinks that you will now ask for a visit. Be ahead of her, and say, "You maybe want me to come to you today, but I did not succeed."

11. After a great evening draw something that looks like a small stamp with the word "check".

12. When she starts talking some nonsense, tell her: "If you have nothing to occupy your mouth, you'd better make me a blowjob! ".

13. Passing the large crowds shouted: "What !? $ 100 per hour? Yes, I 50 would not agree! ".

14. After the first night with a new girl to say that everything was cool, but there are also better.

15. At the restaurant to order a lot of food on the amounts that the girl is clearly not with him. After the meal had gone away into the toilet. Persuaded the waiter to take part in the event, after the payment of the dinner. After 15 minutes, he brings a girl a note, "Honey, I do not think we're right for each other. I'm sorry "and account for a large sum. Then you go back, quietly continue the conversation, and the waiter rushes, and says that confused tables. You are interested in whether all the girl in order.

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