Whether to "resurrect" the relationship

Whether to "resurrect" the relationship
 Relationship between two people is very fragile, and any mistake can lead to rupture. "Resurrect" the relationship is not always possible. People are starting to understand it when it is finished. Until final break people feel that this is going to happen soon, but do not do anything to save the relationship, hoping for a miracle, or just not wanting to interfere with the current state of affairs.

When, after a long relationship comes gap, many people think that it is - just a temporary phenomenon, and it will take several days to put everything in its place. But time flies, and there is a concern, because it all happened quite differently. And the time has already been lost, any attempt to return the relationship can only lead to scandal.

For many people the awareness of the come loneliness is terrible, it's a state of shock after realizing there end. At this point, people tend to make mistakes, because it did not adequately think. Therefore, when such a situation arises in the first place is to calm down and pull myself together. And then a good think about it and decide whether you want to "resurrect" a relationship that has gone.

If the relationship is irretrievably lost, it is necessary to understand, because there is no need to return something that does not exist in nature. Should forget everything that happened before, and begin to build a new relationship, but with the last committed errors. Now, there is more chance to avoid oversights those that can lead to rupture of the new relationship. Can not be held hostage to love or habit, when you can start with a clean slate.

You should not lose sight of the causes of the incident and the gap, because it is likely that in the second half there was someone else, no less beloved and dear, but you do about it just did not know. Such situations usually occur suddenly, unexpectedly overtaking and destroying everything in its path. Will you accept the fact that you changed the second half in the case of a successful rapprochement?

If the gap occurred due to the crisis that indeed often the case in quite a long life together, it is likely that a short vacation from each other will help to establish a life together. Ideal people do not happen. When there is the idea that the next person has to be better than the last, it is not necessary in this sacred trust. We all have drawbacks: with some of them we agree to put up with the other not. And what are the disadvantages will be at the next "half", guess impossible.

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