What man wants from a woman?

What man wants from a woman?
 If you value your relationship, then, of course, want to keep her man. To do this, you should know what a man wants from a woman, how to fit their idea of ​​an ideal. Of course, each person they are different, and it is unlikely that you will comply with the list of all the necessary qualities, which, in his view, should have his choice. But there are some basic components of a strong alliance that can provide a woman.

Externally, the men seem to be self-confident, consistent and a little emotional. It seems that the failure or defeat is not upset them. This is actually a mask behind which hides a hidden desire attention and affection, as a form of support. Subconsciously, they are waiting for such treatment of any woman, because from childhood such support they have received from the mother.

Try not to disappoint him in this. He did not have a constant and daily care, he will perceive as an attempt to control it, that men just do not like. Sometimes enough to ask him about matters that oppresses him if you see him in a bad mood. It does not matter if he does not tell, the question can be repeated later that he saw that his experiences you care about. If he is silent, you can simply tell him that you believe in him, and he - the best, caress, not starting to question. This will be the necessary support.

Despite the fact that many men these "Spartans" and do not like to put things in order, in fact, they are in need of comfort. It can be expressed in different things - cold bottle of beer bought for viewing a football game, a delicious dinner, new house slippers. This will be seen as signs of attention. It can not fail to notice the new curtains, tablecloth or picture, but is able to feel comfort in general. And this feeling of coziness and comfort will make him return to a house early.

Most men do not have strict requirements for the appearance of his lady, they are important, not the parameters of her figure, and that the fascination that comes from women. Sometimes, only one detail to nullify all the efforts to look attractive. Someone categorically does not like smoking - a specific breath smoking woman makes her asexual. Someone just annoying long curved false nails that turn the knob to the female claw bird of prey.

An important and sexual relations. Man expects that with their development, a woman must move away from the original passive role and sometimes take the initiative. It's in his eyes is the best confirmation that she likes to be with him, and she feels pleasure from it. Knowing that he was fully satisfied his partner makes a man psychologically stronger, and he sees it as a source of its strength

Subconsciously, every man is waiting for his beloved woman solvency. He should be proud of it. Do not hide their abilities and skills, success at work. Develop them, be self-sufficient, but never try to demonstrate its advantages, humiliating him. Get perfect, but loving, his only woman.

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