Under the ban: most unsuccessful female phrases

Under the ban: most unsuccessful female phrases
 Women are so difficult to understand men! Sometimes quite innocuous question can cause a storm in your favorite emotion. And it is not always positive. That the relationship did not turn into a series of small quibbles and quarrels, should avoid several phrases, quite popular among the fair sex.
 I am fat?

By asking this question, most girls hoping to get a negative response. Knowing full well that they are required, men often say: "Well, you certainly do not! ". But sooner or later partner will think whether you really as good as he thought before. The next step would be to search for a more perfect fine half. After all, a beautiful and confident woman is unlikely to be openly express doubts about their own attractiveness.

Let's talk!

Men can not and do not like to talk "about anything." Instead of plugging a long pause in the conversation hackneyed phrases about the weather, think about why the number of topics, interesting both, has been reduced to a minimum. Remember that everyone without exception nice to talk with enthusiastic, energetic people. If your circle of interests is limited by work and home, should find a new hobby or hobbies.

What's on your mind?

If a man is silent, so he does not want to talk. It is an axiom. So the answer to questions like "why are you silent? "Or" what do you think? "Is monosyllabic and insipid. Moreover, too insistent interest in mental processes going on in the head of a partner can lead to a quarrel. Do not rush a loved one, because as soon as an idea, plan or decision "ripe", he must hasten to share with you.

My ex loves this show!

Topic that should not be touching at all - former partners. Their habits, interests, advantages and disadvantages in the past with the end the relationship. After each sentence, which appears in the name of its predecessor, the favorite will be taken as a comparison. And the fact that you still have not forgotten Petya, Vasya or Anton, do not give him no rest: all of a sudden for harmless memories lurk not extinguished feelings? In addition, in retaliation guy can share the details of his past novels. Sure you want to learn more about that blonde, with whom he was madly in love with for three years?

Do you love me?

This question clearly indicates a lack of confidence in your partner's feelings. On the one hand, the persistent doubts the sincerity of his love can lead them to the present cooling. On the other, men love to be proved not by words but by deeds. If your emotions elect expresses only by rare confessions should think about the prospects of your relationship. After around a lot of men, next to which you feel so loved and desired that such a question simply did not come more in the head.

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