Terms of no return: how to leave with no regrets

Terms of no return: how to leave with no regrets
 Sometimes life after divorce, the former spouses is like a tango. They meet again, their is pulling in the same bed, you take away the sides snowstorm recriminations. Throwing all these do not carry anything good, except the endless hassle. And besides, former spouses, ranking next to each other, do not give yourself any chance to begin to organize personal life with someone else.

Go, so go away. From this folk wisdom is difficult to argue. But many couples end the relationship for a long time the old memory sex, spend time together and generally behave as spouses, not daring to leave permanently.

Of course, nothing wrong with the friendship after marriage is not. But only if it does not claim to freedom of two people who have decided to terminate their marriage. Friendship is good only if both the "former" feel free and able to a new relationship with someone else.

But this is rare. And usually divorce - sluggish and painful process. And it starts long before printing the passport and ends ... It can never end. How to avoid this "tango" and licked the wound to be happy with someone else?

Rule breaking up first: it is not necessary to go back and return. To what to ask for "former" to help with the housework, take the child to kindergarten, to look after elderly mother and anything else. At least the first time. And, of course, absolutely and completely forbidden "friendly sex" under the influence of surging memories of the past and experienced once the senses.

Rule two: no "second chance" does not exist. Nobody is changing and, sooner or later, the situation still end in failure. Returning to the "former", it should be remembered that the person has not changed, not objectively changed his life circumstances, goals and attitudes. Need to be prepared for the fact that if suddenly a situation arises in which the "former" behaved no better, he is likely to do the same.

Finally, the last rule. Everything that happens, be sure to only leads to good. Any situation tends to deteriorate. So, if the marriage has not been interrupted, all eventually would become even worse. But after the divorce is very high chance that the "holy place" next to each of the spouses takes someone more suitable.

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