Put the network macho

Put the network macho
 Conquest of macho - a beautiful dream self-confident woman. His appearance in the list of your victories guarantees instant rise of self-esteem and good humor. Put the network macho: how to achieve a womanizer?

Macho ... More often than not for this title hides a loud man, by virtue of possessing a specific set of complexes and fears of being in a constant search for evidence of its viability and male sexual attractiveness. In fact, a conqueror of female hearts rather miserable - man-macho is a hostage of his own ego not strong and it needs constant feeding.

What you need to catch the macho in their networks? Useful good knowledge of male psychology, and more specifically - the psychology of a womanizer. Also need to be able to maintain a sober mind in the midst of passion and a pinch of acting talent. Terms of hunting for a man who is used to choose the production itself, are quite simple:

Ensure a spectacular appearance. Your introduction should sink down into his soul. Will help break the pattern - you have to show him a non-standard, unusual, unique instance of a sort that can become a diamond collection. In this case, make every effort to maintain a complete illusion that he first drew attention to you and has pioneered dating ... Do not ask me why - to play this role, you need to feel macho hunter.

Remember: macho feels incredibly arrogant and narcissistic, despite the inner turmoil, contradictions and doubts about his own importance in the eyes of the opposite sex. Paradox? Not at all. He considers himself the most charming and attractive, because only such a handsome man as he is, you are able to turn his gaze. Play on his feelings - your number one task. Possible behaviors are only two: to portray love or a complete lack of interest in the subject. The first option - the fastest way to have sex. You are configured to have sex today and now? Look at him with adoring eyes, look into his mouth when he speaks, and he decides it's time to move from words to deeds. What, in fact, you should be. Just do not overdo it with affectedness. Best suited for artistic natures, able to portray the desired intensity of emotions, while keeping full control over your emotions ...

What if I want to get it for a longer period than a couple of nights spent together? First of all, the answer to your question - why do you need this? Man to cover up insecurities ostentatious narcissism and promiscuity - not the best option for a serious relationship. But if you step on a rake in love womanizer still want to, then pretend to be hard to get as long as possible. However, having achieved his macho unlikely to linger in your bed for a long time: he feels a constant need for "new victims". Affair with a macho good only with proper usage.

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