Passion or love?

Passion or love?
 Night without sleep. Loss of appetite. Feeling that behind the wings. In the world as if only two people, and all that - for their sake. They are drawn to each other with great force, in their hearts raging flames. They think that it is love ... maybe wrong?  

Vladimir Vysotsky in one of his poems warns people from being able to shout words of love, saying that they are often mistaken for love taking something else, and a real sense says it all. And it's true, if Cupid's arrows pierced through the heart - can not conceal. However, passion is also prone to displays. What's the difference?

Unfortunately, to determine with precision, love or passion covered person, he will not succeed. It will take some time, so that he could pass the test of jealousy, indifference, and other such things. He needs to know himself, and only then try to come to know the depth of his feelings.

What are the common symptoms of love? Most thinkers say that this - the desire that another person was good, the ability to sacrifice something for the sake of it, consent to it with all faults. Passion affects people differently. They want to be close to their elected representatives, to capture their heart, make love yourself. Man, impassioned, can not ignore the shortcomings, but, noticing likely soon grow cold.

Passion is usually short. However, there are exceptions. A person can be possessed by another way, craving for it for a long time, sometimes - a lifetime. By the way, the word "obsessed" was used not by accident. If you use a comparison, the passion - demon man squeezes out all his strength, throwing on a path of darkness, to turn from which it is very difficult. Miserable goes straight into the abyss, without even noticing it.

Love - a light feeling. It does not condemn a person to suffer, and gives him the strength to live. Let your favorite is not near, but somewhere it is. Yes, if one gets sick heart dies, the soul yearns for loving him, but somewhere deep inside, she realizes that separation - only the appearance, in fact, people close together forever.

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