Love forever or just love?

Love forever or just love?
 Love is a relative concept, for each value of this wonderful words of their own, individual. In the world a lot of hypocrisy, pretense, a lot of commercialism and greed. But this does not want to think of code at the thought of the second half taps heart rhythm and love. Believe only beautiful and dreamlike. Love it?

People's feelings are complex, there are many shades that are difficult to express and understand. Love - the most clean and light feeling among them. For example, the love of a son to his mother, the father of the child. The relations between men and women is not always possible to call such a high word.

It is considered that in the first minutes of dating, or the first few meetings, there is only love. In other words, sympathy, desire to get closer to the interests and the new man. Over time, love grows into love. Then, this love becomes a habit. Then into something painful and painful when the accumulated burden, comes rupture of relations ...

But everything is so bad? Of course not. This turn of events is possible only if the lovers went on about his passion, animal instinct, not thinking about anything. Especially hard when during a burst of passion creates a family and a new life is born. If young people really love each other, the family will love strong and happy.

Met, people often rush towards the unknown, both in the pool with his head. After a while, the other senses become, and the couple begins to think about the future plans for the family, children. How to understand that this is love forever, or love? It is difficult to answer this question clearly. Someone love grows into love, and someone goes out and passion, leaving only fond memories of the gentle, romantic minute with a nice man. At one - love at first sight, while others - a marriage of convenience, but, over time, the calculation turned into the most strong and sincere feelings.

There is one most correct way to know what kind of feelings you experience - listen to your heart. It will tell you love or love. Love is compared often to the death. Suppose this is not surprising, this is what happens. Person wearing a heart sincere love, how would die for everyone else, he lives only for and in the name of the sole, beloved, oblivious to anyone around him. Love - the feeling creative, bestowing his blessing owners. And love, on the contrary, destructive feeling. Love does not pass, despite the shortcomings of a loved one, a loving person aware of these shortcomings, and tries to take them. Enamored also ignores. In addition, love will not stand the test of time or parting, saying, "Out of sight - out of mind" applies it to the feeling of love. Loving person can wait for years.

Love can grow into love, but it takes time, respect and the desire of both partners to create a strong and durable alliance. Regardless of whether love or love, be sensual, attentive and treated carefully with respect to each other. Harmony in relationships will help to nurture and retain the most intimate and beautiful - love.

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