Lone Wanderer: Abandoned man

Lone Wanderer: Abandoned man
 Society in our country believes that women experience gap is much stronger than men. But in fact, this view is mistaken. But are men so much experience gap?

Men really strong experience gap. This is largely explained by the suddenness of the event for the stronger sex. The fact is that if women advance anticipating a quarrel, the men are not capable of. However, they often do not notice any part of the conflict, no explicit hints darling. In the end, to the last man can not understand that the gap came. When the man finally realizes that here it is, the end of the relationship, he immediately going through the whole avalanche of emotions that women experience gradually.

Another shortcoming of men to march to break - it's trying to not think about it. Many men tend to load themselves with work and just do not think about what happened. As a result, the emotions caused by the parting, do not go anywhere, but only accumulated. In the end, the man can no longer be ignored and left alone and the remaining feelings and stress from overwork.

In addition, men because of the natural hardness are not always able to show that they are really going through. The result of this is that others may not understand that people need help and support. Women are better in this respect - they can cry and fully display their suffering. The man, in connection with the peculiarities of education, often deprived. Bottom line - this experience alone, which may even no suspect. In this case, the part of these experiences may seem like a cold.

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