How to understand his thoughts

How to understand his thoughts
 No wonder they say that women and men from different planets. After all, sometimes his actions you absolutely incomprehensible. Go into a long explanation quarrels, and their do not want to start. To do this, you just need to understand his thoughts.  
 Women's magazines have repeatedly conducted surveys among men. That the stronger sex thinks about relationships, about the appearance of women, about the events in the life and different problems. Such an archive of opinion, of course, important. But he was only a detailed study could help to understand your man.

However elucidate the mechanism of his thinking is simple. Men do not bother with unnecessary fantasies (erotic - do not count) assumptions. They think and act like - after the fact. In addition, men prefer to go it alone and always - as they become available. You offer him to discuss your overall trouble, and he only goes from talking? Do not be surprised. Do you see this as the first step to solving the problem, and he - a waste of time and spoiled the mood.

And men much harder to express their thoughts. Therefore, it can sometimes thoughtlessly say the phrase, because of which you arrange a scandal. And would not believe what he was talking about something else. But in most cases it turns out that your boyfriend is not going to hurt you. Sometimes even a compliment in his interpretation sounds like an insult. So before you take offense, verify that you correctly interpreted his statement.

The surest approach to the conversation with your loved - to communicate with them directly. Man is difficult to understand hints, and to make an allusion even harder. If you want to go to a restaurant in the evening, tell him about it, and do not come from afar, with complaints of "You and I recently were nowhere to be together."

Of course, you can always just ask what your favorite thinks. But this question is always knocks the man confused. The majority of boys admit that they can not stand to answer such questions. And indeed others devote to their problems. If he decides that you deserve trust, and he will tell all. In other cases, you will only upset him even more.

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