How to tie a relationship

How to tie a relationship
 If you need a man with whom you still just friends, do not worry. You can change this situtsiyu and engage him in a romantic relationship, if you become a resolute and flee to the art of flirting.
 To begin with note on your external image - a man in you will see a charming woman, if you wear a dress with a feminine neckline and shoes with heels. Will also help to interested members of the male beautiful features of your face, accentuated light make-up, fashionable hairstyle and fresh manicure.

Communicating with someone who you are interested, listen carefully to him and try to learn about his hobbies. Your partner interested in you faster if you understand what you do with it - soul mates, so allow yourself to cheat and say that you, too, like him, indifferent, for example, to hockey. Look for information about the sport on the internet - this will help you to maintain a conversation with a man, not being afraid to look incompetent.

Start a conversation with him about his personal life, and build a conversation so that your interlocutor told about his experiences romance novel - the more a man frank with you, the closer you get to it. Do not interrupt him and give him a chance to talk - let him see in you and empathetic and understanding companion with whom you can talk on any topic.

Do not criticize your man and try to take him as he is. Make him a compliment, especially in the presence of others, and respect the person in it - for such a wise woman he would turn its attention.

Find or even come up with an excuse to show off their culinary talents. In the case where the cooking - it's not your thing, remember all that you are able to do with his hands. It does not matter if you are strong, for example, only in the knitting - give a man made your hands scarf. Seeing such a touching concern, your partner is unlikely to remain indifferent to you.

And, of course, on every situation allow yourself to flirt and flirt. Be sociable, joking and tactfully let man know that you would like to become not only his friend - and then he will hardly be able to resist your charms.

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