How to tell him about love

How to tell him about love
 Women are often not easy to confess her feelings to a man, because it is believed that the first to speak of love is to the stronger sex. So how do you do it properly, so as not to alienate their recognition and lose forever the object of his love? There are several options, ranging from classic and ending with extravagant.
 The first way is to recognize that we need to say anything directly, without hints. "I love you" - beautiful words, which are always nice to say and listen.

The second method of recognition - to follow the example of Tatyana Larina and write a letter. These days, you can use the e-mail option, but it is better to resort to paper, because even handwriting can tell a lot. And if we choose a beautiful paper, which put a few drops of your favorite flavor and choose romantic envelope, the effect of such communication will be much higher. Although, of course, the most important is the actual content of the letter. And what to write - the heart of a woman in love will tell.

Another modern way of recognition - via SMS. Pretty banal option though so you can say nice words to the man repeatedly and in different variations.

The fourth way - to use an intermediary. However, to implement this option, you need to find a reliable friend or a friend who can be completely trusted.

A fifth embodiment of recognition - again is to use modern technology via the Internet. It is better not to write about his feelings on his personal page, and admit PM. Thus, it is possible to avoid possible gossip.

Sixth process of recognition is to use a suitable occasion. For example - his birthday. However, it is suitable if the man and woman already intimately familiar. You can simply come to visit, give a gift, and then choose a convenient time to talk about their feelings.

Seventh way - use a gift. As if by chance, you can leave the object of adoration his gift, which is embedded in a note with the recognition. It can be written by hand or do engraving.

Eighth way - record your acceptance to disk. You just need to tell a story to drive all my heart and in my thoughts. And then you can send it to the man in person into the hands, and you can "throw" in his mailbox.

Ninth way - to recognize the radio. Need to call on one of the radio and say whatever you want.

The tenth way - I must anonymous call from your home phone to his home number to the number is displayed. And tell it like it is without scruple. Then let himself guess who called him.

Options as a man to admit his feelings, there are many. One only has to choose a suitable and start acting.

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