How to meet a perfect guy

How to meet a perfect guy
 Acquaintance for a serious relationship - an important stage in the life of girls. However, you need a good try to find the perfect guy. Need careful preparation and belief in success. Only then you will succeed.  
 Think about what your ideal guy, what do you primarily pay attention. For some decisive factor is the appearance, for others - a strong character and a high mind, and someone wants to meet with a guy, have managed to reach some heights in life, self-sufficient and generous. At the same time a crucial role to play, and age. Ideal at all different because better scribble on paper the basic qualities that you value in men, and stick to them in the future.

Work on yourself. Guys also have their ideals, and they meet only with those who are right for them. Treat your face, hands, hair and teeth. Sign up for a fitness to correct figure flaws. Maintain a healthy lifestyle (sane guy hardly wants to meet with smoking or drinking girl).

Select a place to explore. It is not necessary for this to go to a nightclub or a party to a friend. Usually, in such places no one looking for a serious relationship, fleeting communication. Think about where you can find self-confident and self-sufficient guy. First of all, pay attention to your co-workers or classmates at the university. Perhaps among them is found quite decent and kind young man. Joint study or work - a great way to get to know each other better.

A good option would be a restaurant or a cafe near the business center or the firm. Enough to sit at a table, order a something light and slowly spend time waiting for imposing man who pay attention to you. It's hard to ignore Attractive girl sitting at a table or one behind the bar, and do not get to know her.

Some girls go to the trick. If you pretended to be hard for you to do something:'ll walk down the street with heavy bags or stand with a puzzled look at the open hood of his car, then there must be an honest man, who will offer their assistance. Do not get lost and immediately join the conversation. If you get to enchant a man, it always asks for your phone and offer to meet in a more intimate and romantic atmosphere.

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