How to get what you want

How to get what you want
 Building a harmonious relationship involves a long, painstaking work, which should result in mutual understanding, satisfaction of personal needs of each partner. Learn to pursue their relationship with a man is not easy.
 Each person has a perfect picture of the relationship, a role model, something that should be sought. It does not matter how this image was received - was whether the desired picture or realize your dreams was a real example that you have accepted as an ideal. Importantly, in what ways you are trying to build their own happiness, to ensure that your relationship with your loved ones become ideal.

Respect for your partner, courtesy and understanding - a great way to get their. Take your man as an individual person, the needs, desires and point of view - leave him to make decisions, respect his choice. If you from the very first day of acquaintance will demonstrate not only their sympathy but also willingness to listen, to accept his opinion, it would be the first step to building a harmonious union. Everything you want from men - attention, care, gifts - can and should ask, hinting, building complex logical chain and the relationship. Leave mandative tone indicate in the imperative mood - be softer, pay their desire to explicit requests. Do not forget to say "magic" word - "please", "thank you", etc..d. If you want to ask something, do not forget to use the methods of non-verbal communication - touch the hands of men, straightens his clothes.

Right action in the event of failure - do not insist, do not raise your voice, do not require the execution of their desires at any cost. Roll scandals and hysteria - it's the worst thing that you can do in an effort to succeed. The result of this behavior can be mistrust of your requests - negative emotions generate a response, discourages a man to do anything at all. If what you want is very important for you to change tactics - attract strangers (friends, family) that subtly and carefully thought would send men back on track, push him to take action.

Answer the same man - give him what he wants. Follow his request, to make gifts, arrange surprises, cook their favorite dishes. Says the man often as you admire his personal and professional qualities, let him feel the most important person in your life.

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