How to forget a strong love

How to forget a strong love
 You lived it, breathed, every minute thinking about it, but in spite of all that, he was gone, leaving you left alone with the pain and loneliness, and you do nothing else to do but to continue to move forward and try to forget perhaps the most strong love of his life.
 Try to sort out their feelings for your ex lover. Perhaps he is not as good as it seemed to you before. Take two pieces of paper and write down all of its positive and negative qualities. If the negative is greater than it is better that you have left. If he was in the black, then you should not be upset, too - you met with a worthy man, but for some objective reasons, your relationship is not moved to a new level. Love has gone - suck it up and do not make illusions.

To begin with, get rid of all the memories - sharing photos, gifts, any prophetic reminding about it - Down in the trash. Aggressive and drastic measures, but effective. Do not forget to remove all dushetrepatelnye text messages from your phone to sleep at night, but not read them secretly and shed tears in the pillow.

Take care of business. Get out of the head in school or allow yourself to linger longer at work - it will distract you from sad thoughts. Also, you will benefit from a hike in the beauty salon - change of image will refresh you and lift your spirits. Join a gym, swimming pool, on salsa lessons or a circle of macrame - new hobbies should take all vacant after the destruction of the relationship time, because you probably think of him every moment is not engaged in business.

Spend more time with friends - they always support and help. In no event shall not engage in soul-searching and do not model the situation in my head, which was not - there is no place in a relationship subjunctive mood "if." All happened - there's no escape, so not stir up memories of his lost love. Do not let your friends feel sorry for you. Let this topic will be taboo. You can find a lot of interesting topics for conversation.

Do not avoid new acquaintances. Go on dates with men, flirting, flirts. Naturally, you will not be able to make the jump into a new relationship with the head, but do not deny yourself the easy coquetry. In hindsight, you can not build a future.

Give yourself a little time. Hard to realize that everything you have built bit by bit, collapsed in a moment. Whatever it was, but time heals. All that is done, the better. From negative situations can also be removed and a positive experience.

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