How to define treason

How to define treason
 Betrayal - the word that like a sharp knife pierces the heart. In the world proclaimed "free" relationship it has long ceased to be a rarity. Only a few women are convinced that their partner is faithful, and others are constantly waiting for the betrayal of him. And even claim that they are able to identify some signs that adultery took place.
 Changing habits, tastes

Husband, always prefer the classics, suddenly started buying youth clothing, changed shoes sneakers. In his car appeared discs with club music, which he first can not stand. Avid carnivore spoke about the benefits of "green" menu or a teetotaler loved tasting absinthe. Rich female imagination immediately draws the image in my head razluchnitsy-klabbershi vegetarian habits.

Or maybe ...?

Just a new charismatic colleague promotes a lifestyle. Do not lose sight of the social circle of her husband, to know whose interests have influenced him.

Processing and travel

The most popular way to explain his absence - justified by problems at work. Wives are not too interested in the specifics of the husband and the course of his projects are at risk. If you know that your spouse is not service connected with traveling and lengthy negotiations, stands guard.

Or maybe ...?

The relationship between you slightly disorders, and you just can not keep up with the fact that the spouse has long raised, and now he has other responsibilities and employment.

Telephone conversations, social networks, e-mail

No, of course you do not overhear the conversation and not to spy his correspondence. Just picked up the phone while he was in the shower, or saw the open page with a message from the lady. Quietly and without hysteria reported that he called / wrote a young lady, and see the reaction.

Or maybe ...?

The message frivolous content was only internet spam.

Lack of sex

No new clothes, no candles, no dinner with aphrodisiacs no husband moves to the exploits in the marital bedroom. Wanton lack of erotic experiences in your life is not peculiar to healthy men. Either he had problems with libido, or he satisfies his desire on the side.

Or maybe ...?

You are too frequently referred to a headache, and her husband decided not to pester you for a while.

Atypical manifestation of attention

The husband then removed and cold, I suddenly bursts into declarations of love and showered with expensive gifts. This may be indicative of his passion for another woman and, as a consequence, compensatory actions under the pressure of guilt.
Or maybe ...?

You hinted to him that the romantic relationship was gone, and he is trying to revive her.

Hole in the family budget

What happens is that the spouse enters austerity in the family, because he was waiting on the side of more pleasant and encouraging spending. If the husband is working more and more, and brings home less, it can be disturbing vertebrates.

Or maybe ...?

You do not know what it is saving up for a car repair or opening of the business. Enter the practice of open budget planning.

Direct evidence

The smell of other people's spirits, traces of makeup on the collar, the intimate details of someone else's wardrobe in his pockets, a "gift" in the form of venereal disease, someone else's name on the lips of her husband. No Does your partner in life such frank evidence to provoke a scandal with your follow-up care? In any case, it is an occasion for a serious conversation.

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