Good sex with a bad relationship

Good sex with a bad relationship
 Loving relationships consist of two main parts - good sex and sincere feelings. If you have at least one thing you can try to become a couple. That's just it will take the desire of both partners.  

Some people believe that good sex can be only when strong feelings. But sometimes harmony in bed and comes at a bad relationship. And sometimes none at all. Only once in this situation, people are starting to take another love games without a relationship.

If the relationship with the partner deteriorated, and sex was spectacular, try to understand yourself. What do you really need? Can you arrange only sexual relationship or do you want more from this man? You may be just enough sex. Try to discuss this issue with your partner. It is possible that he, too, want the option.

Well, when it will take some time, quarrels and scandals subside, you can try to return everything to normal. Small respite often changes attitude of the partners to each other. In this case, it is not necessary to burn all the bridges behind - never tell your partner the words that can push him away forever. You should especially not admit adultery. The period of separation it may not produce any unpleasant consequences. But in the future this recognition will always stand between you.

Another option - you want a good relationship with that person. But the constant quarrels - poor soil for the senses. And not only quarrel. Misunderstanding, jealousy, betrayal, bad habits - all of which can lead to separation. Only sex keeps you together. Try to keep at least it remained unchanged. Diversify your contacts, you can purchase from a store intimate products any tool (it all depends on your preference) or have a role-playing games.

Your task - to save the last link you link. And in the future the number of units can be increased. Just remember that good sex even with a bad relationship - this may be a small step to find the perfect novel.

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