Ceks-motivation of women and men

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 Sex - an integral part of modern life, but what causes led by people who come into proximity with your partner? To understand why men and women having sex, you need to understand the peculiarities of their psychology.

The biggest reason why people have sex - this reproduction. In other words, the natural human need. But not every time when men and women have a sexual relationship, they want to conceive a child. Moreover, they use different methods of contraception to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

So why men have sex?

Men - rational beings. Therefore, first of all, they are compared with the pleasure of sex, ie orgasm. There are other reasons, such as to raise their own self-esteem, that is, once again prove to himself that he is a true hero in bed. For the stronger sex rave partner - is the highest degree of evidence of their irresistibility.

Why do women have sex?

Women - more emotional and sensual, and therefore the reasons to have sex with them anymore. They can enter into a sexual act, for example, to express gratitude to your partner.

A woman can start a sexual act and as an apology to his companion. Incidentally, in this case, it receives a higher level of satisfaction.

But this is not the end of the list of reasons why women are willing to have sex. For example, they can start even intercourse due to their partner pity.

The reasons inherent in both men and women

We should also mention having sex for the sake of wealth. This reason is inherent in both men and women. However, they argue that such proximity brings them less fun.

Another reason that start sexual intercourse can both men and women - is an expression of feelings of love. This proximity ensures the most colorful fireworks of emotions.

Often people can have sex a sign of reconciliation with each other. According to the pair, after the scandal sex more vivid, rich and sensual.

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