Caution: pickup

Caution: pickup
 Many women imagine the first meeting. She walks down the street. And then there it is. From the first second he looks only at her, in his view, read surprise, love, tenderness. Of course, it will not pass. And this meeting happen. And he did not pass by. All his words only confirm that it is indeed her prince, the long-awaited, beloved, only. Here are just moving away a few meters from his princess, the prince plays the same thumbnail, but on the other hand.  

Pickup - a relatively new doctrine. It first appeared in the early nineties. And since then, much progress. Created hundreds of books. Almost every city you can go to a seminar on the pickup. Many psychologists give competent advice aimed at to subdue the woman.

Each pikaper set itself the goal - to get something from the girl or girls. Yes, some Pickup Girls only want to build a relationship with one partner. Of course, such a minority. In general, men want to get sex, and as much as possible with a lot of partners. But immediately after intercourse or a philanderer disappears makes it so that the woman herself vomit relationship.

This behavior is very stressful for women. After first pikaper behaves just perfect. He says compliments listens woman assures her of his feelings. In general, does so to deliver maximum comfort woman. And immediately after sex as if it substitutes. As a result, women can only be disappointed. And it's so hard to trust men in the future.

Learn pikapera sometimes hard. After all, he is at pains to prove his sincerity. It is difficult, but possible. Pickup Girls - confident men, they are actively acquainted with the girls on the street, they say a lot of compliments. And their words - not standard and original compliments. They can hardly be something to embarrass. In case of refusal, they do not calm down, and continue their onslaught.

Pickup Girls try as often as possible to touch women. Their actions are aimed at one thing - to gain the trust and get into bed with a woman. And the word of the bed suspended. Their suit and bench in a quiet park and a lift, restaurant and toilet.

If your friend is behaving this way, think about whether he did not pick up artist. I doubt whether you want to be abandoned after the first or second sex. Most often reveal such a subject can only be intuitive. Because otherwise they behave very naturally. If you feel in some respects false, better stop them. Do not let a man to break his heart.

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