Bisexuality - a product of loneliness

Bisexuality - a product of loneliness
 According to statistics, lonely girls several times more than single men, and as a result, the girl find a soul mate is not always possible. And what do we mean by the "second half"? The man who understands you, put your interests above their problems and willing to help in any situation and do not require a return, but on quiet days just to be near, to give joy and love.

The biggest problem that arises when tying relations, both men and women - is the lack of understanding. If he says, "I'm going out with my friends," and you say that it puts friends above you, remember - a road to nowhere.

You feel abandoned, abandoned and useless, but try to put yourself in his place, you are another important part of his life, and friends - another. As a result, he finds himself between a rock and a hard place, and often breaks out the storm in my head depressing thought, and in 85% of cases happens gap, severe psychological trauma. You close your heart, and do not see the reason to live on. Examples of such a great variety. What is the first thing in such cases does a girl? Naturally, seeks solace in her friends and gets that same understanding that you can not get away from the man.

On a subconscious level, it is ready to be bisexual. In fact, there is nothing to worry about. According to the latest research by British psychologists manifestation of bisexuality in women nowadays has become the norm.

The fact that the proportion of the female body can be admired in both men as objects of desire, and women as the ideal - the object of imitation.

But let us turn to the root of the problem: the reason for such a significant change in the perception of the opposite sex - nothing but loneliness caused by rupture. Think about whether all the arguments to the limit, whether or not to rush into hell, instead of trying to figure out a compromise and move on in peace and love. The choice is yours.

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