5 ways to avoid a quarrel with her beloved

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 Innuendo and no secrets - the main causes of conflict between man and woman. Often, these arguments can be easily avoided, most importantly to know a few basic rules.

In order not to quarrel with a loved one, try to be expressed clearly. Want him to meet you at a certain place and at the right time? Tell him about it clearly and accurately. After all, the innuendo is one of the main causes of conflict between partners. In addition, if forgetful, do not be lazy to him about anything reminding.

Choose the right time to talk. Do not try to talk to your loved ones on a serious subject, at the time when he is resting. The male brain is not able to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. Therefore, when a man looks favorite TV show, try to talk to him just useless. It is best to discuss serious issues in a relaxed atmosphere without the stares, for example, while cooking dinner.

No need to prepare your favorite bad news. Especially if the bad news is not. Do not start a conversation with the words: "Beloved, think my idea is you do not like." At the moment, man tunes in defense. Not a big deal out of the blue.

Do not tell me something too long. The story of who, what was dressed in a cafe, your cute does not appreciate. And it's not because he cares your life, just men can not and do not like to listen too long. Try to fit his monologue in 3 minutes time.

Do not want to quarrel - take care of their secrets. Of course, that honesty and sincerity - important components of the relationship between man and woman. But do not go into the details and tell their secrets, especially about his former boyfriend. And do not ask. This is the personal life of each of you, so let it remain secret.

Also, try to be tolerant. If you do not like his new T-shirt, do not tell him about it, better not say anything. Over time favorite t-shirt forget about, but your criticism and unpleasant words permanently settle in the shower.

To keep a harmonious relationship and love, to show tolerance and patience.

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