Woman waiting for the perfect man

Woman waiting for the perfect man
 The woman, after reading fairy tales and watching films about love, creates in his mind the image of the perfect man, endowed with traits such as courage, honesty, sensitivity, etc. But meet a man unlikely to succeed.

Women from childhood draw an image of the hero. He must have good looks, toned figure. The perfect man and charming, courteous and, caring, attentive, gallant, tactful, the owner of a good sense of humor, sharp wit, and a connoisseur of feminine beauty. It felt strength and masculinity. Naturally, generosity and ability to earn money are on the list of the first lines of the male ideal. And here is a list of conditions, virtually every woman trying to try on men who are in its immediate environment. But in the end it turns out that one does not fit these parameters. Each applicant there are any flaws. So how do you find the perfect man?

You can wait for him for years, never met in life. But often happens that a woman waiting for the ideal, and not at all in love with the perfect man. Of course, it may correspond to some points of the requirements of the perfect man, and the other traits of a woman brought up in it myself. But this is an erroneous misconception. May occur a situation where the woman falls in love with a man looks attractive, but Jabberwocky. But because love is blind, then acts confirming the word, the woman does not notice. She has full confidence in its perfection. As a result, after marriage she opened her eyes, she sees that none of the promise is not fulfilled, to work a man does not like and does not want to family life does not fit. Then comes the realization that the ideal man must have other qualities: the ability to earn money and to farm with his wife on an equal basis, be caring and loving father to his children. And often, failure to comply with these conditions leads to the disintegration of a marriage.

But on the other hand, the wise woman can help her man to become perfect for her. To do this, it needs to be patient, and even if bad man copes with the task entrusted to him or no carries, praise him for his achievements in height. Better yet priobodryat her man and say that you believe in him. Then after a certain period of time a man can become a perfect husband for you.

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