Why do men lie

Why do men lie
 You caught her man at the next pack of lies? Do not rush to give him angrily insulting nicknames, blame the shameless lies and collect the suitcase with things on the way out. Think about why it happened. After all, the reasons why men lie, can be set.  
 He hesitates

How would it not paradoxical sounds, but men often lie because hesitate to tell the truth. For example, a young man interested in beading and spends every free evening for this fun. And the questions the girls than he was so busy that she did not bother to even call in the evening, replied that he was all hands on deck at work. After all, not every girl understands like a hobby. And other obsmeyat can.

He is lazy

This woman can spend hours in all recounts how she expressed all her friend and that she responded, and the case ended. A man is easier to explain that he was late for a date because of the fact that the car would not start in cold weather, and begin to absorb a delicious dinner. Tell the truth about what he called my mother and asked urgently to come to her, because her cats had a heart attack, a man just laziness.

He does not want to offend you

Men do not as thick-skinned as it seems. And your friend can bring thousands of arguments in favor of that fat women are much more attractive than thin persons. And wonder what all of this was found in Natalia Vodianova. And even put a calendar with a portrait Krachkovskaya on your desktop. And all this time he will secretly admire a colleague weighing 48 kg. Because he's a miserable impostor? No. He just noticed that you have recovered slightly and terribly because of this kompleksuete.

He gives the impression

When a man in paints describes how he fought in the tenth grade with five criminals who have encroached on the honor of his classmates, he is not lying. Well, what if there were two criminals. And they were not criminals, and the disciples of the parallel class. And the fact that he was defeated, and generally not worth mentioning. The man simply embellish reality. And one goal - to please you.

It changes

There are two versions of why he twists, comes up with all sorts of absurdities and deny the obvious. Him with you comfortable and familiar, and he's not going to tear a relationship with you. But to have an affair on the side also would not mind. A second option - he loves you. And very much afraid that you will learn about it accidentally change. Therefore, it is ready to persistently lie, because he believes that this lie - salvation. Maybe we should not withdraw it to clean water?

Before you accuse a man of deception and anger to remember all the sins, remember, and do you always tell the truth? White Lies, if it is a rare and little things will not bring harm. But if a man is lying all the time, then it is an occasion to reflect, and whether you need a "Baron Munchausen"?

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